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GhostNetWork is a purpose-driven NGO whose aim is to build an impact movement and community to clean and protect the ocean, underpinned by art, action, and thriving local communities.

Our Community Platform is a place where organizations, the general public, creators, thought leaders, and experts can come together and learn about our ocean.

Running our own net-collection operations in Portugal, thanks to the collaboration of local organizations, different municipalities, and artists that contribute to raise awareness about the problem of ghost nets pollution.

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The most commonly found types of ghost gear are nets, ropes, fishing rods, hooks, and traps. As these items are designed to trap animals and are very durable, they can cause serious damages to the marine ecosystem, especially then floating around abandonedly. Animals get tangled in abandoned, lost or discarded fishing gear (ALDFG), attracting other animals that get tangled up as well and through that creating a deadly cycle, called cyclic catching.

Caught fish die and, in turn, attract scavengers that will get caught in the same net, therefore creating a vicious circle and negatively impacting the marine ecosystem. Lost fishing gear, or so-called ‘ghost gear’ is among the greatest killers in our oceans.

As modern gears are mostly made of non-biodegradable synthetic fibers, they can endure in the environment for long periods – and therefore can continue to catch fish for hundred of years.


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Ghost nets vary in shape, weight and material, therefore not all of them can be properly recycled. The ocean garbage that cannot be processed is given to fantastic artists who turn it into marvelous sculptures and more!


If you spot ghost fishing gear around the coast of Portugal, please let us know right away! Send us the details of the threat through our Report Form