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Supporting local and international communities to protect the ocean and lakes from ghost fishing.

At GhostNetWork, we are compiling the best available science, case studies and technologies into a database and are building a network of stakeholders involved in developing and implementing solutions for abandoned, lost and discarded fishing gear (ALDFG). By doing so, we can work together to protect the marine environment and, using the network and database, provide the knowledge and expertise needed to have the greatest impact.    

We also create educational tools such as workshops, videos and podcasts to raise more awareness and understanding around the ALDFG problem. 

Our projects: 

NetBox Project

An example of what can come from the connections made through the NetWork is our NetBox project. It aims to create a net collection scheme in the port of SetúbalPortugal, for fishers to drop off their end-of-life fishing gear, and any ALDFG they come across, to be recycled or reused for art and education

The NetBox project will develop workshops to increase the engagement of fishers, by creating a greater understanding of the ALDFG problem and its cost to fishers. We will also run workshops with the local schools and the community, such as art competitions for the children to design the artwork on the net collection containers. We also plan to run recycling workshops where the community is shown how fishing gear can be made into new products. We are currently working with the local port and fisheries authorities, as well as the municipality, to ensure the nets collected will be sorted, cleaned and recycled or reused.

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Community Lead Management of End- of- Life and Abandoned, Lost or Discarded Fishing Gear (ALDFG) in Lake Victoria, Kampala, Uganda.

We are excited to be supporting the Uganda Junior Rangers as partners on their ghost gear project. The project will have a holistic approach, by addressing the source of the problem and engaging the community in environmental stewardship. We will work with the fishing community to create awareness of the negative impacts ADLFG are having on their environment and livelihoods. We will actively recover ADLFG and teach the local community/fishers. For the recovered ADLFG and end-of-life fishing gear we will establish a waste infrastructure.

We divided the project in two parts.

During phase 1 we want to establish a strong foundation to continue to phase 2. 

Phase 1: Removal and prevention of ALDFG in Lake Victoria, Uganda. Set up a waste infrastructure for end-of-life fishing gear and retrieved ALDFG. Start the R&D phase for recycling the fishing gear waste and research potential products benificial to support the basic livelihood of the local community.

Phase 2: Continue rolling out the educational program by teaching at schools and give training to the (fishing) community to create awareness for the problem of ALDFG Recycle ALDFG into the new high value product developed and designed according to the results of the research in part one. For example: Construction material, water containers, medical equipment

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