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My friends call me Buca, I come from Italy where I have got my bachelor in Economics and Management developing a thesis about how the surf indusrty can be more sustainable. You can easily deduce from this that my greatest passion is surfing. Because of it I moved to Portugal, to enjoy the ocean at its fullest and to complete a Master in Innovation and Entrepreniership, focusing on sustainability and social impact courses. Before joining GhostNetWork as a Partnerships and Project Manager, I got some experiences in business development, sales, and sustainability consulting. See ya on the lineup!


Head of Partnership & Project Manager at GhostNetWork


Consulting, Business Development, Sustainability



Company introduction

GhostNetWork is an organization dedicated to protecting and cleaning the oceans by removing ghost nets and discarded fishing gear from the sea. We promote collaboration among similar organizations and key players of the plastic recycling industry to foster a greater environmental impact through its network.

Our mission is to take ghost nets from the coastlines, save marine life, and give new life to the collected nets by turning them into new products!


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