Meet The Team

United for our Oceans!

GhostNetwork developed very organically over the past year. We believe this is a tell-tale sign that people are not happy with the status quo and want to see more action and focus on creating a better change for our oceans. 

After the idea formulated in 2020 from Christopher Storey, to create a network to remove ghost nets from the ocean, individuals from all walks of life have been in touch to be part of the initiative and push it forward. And what better way to create a network of change than with a network of changemakers? 

Meet the Team


Founder & Business development
Chris has worked in sustainability and impact for the last 7 years and has a background in business development, he wears many hats, director of sea shepherd Portugal, partnerships manager sea shepherd global and co founder of GNW


Founder & CTO
Passion is what lead Bence to the field of sustainability and eventually to GhostNetWork. With his background focusing on sustainable technologies, he is eager to make a positive impact and to accelerate the transition to a cleaner future.


Head of Partnerships & Project management
After having spent many days in the ocean surfing, Marco decided to do something more for the planet. This is how he shaped his management studies to focus on sustainability and joined GhostNetwork, contributing with his experience in business development and consulting.


Financial Manager
As a passionate surfer, Louisa feels she has no other choice but trying all she can to protect this environment she loves so much. With a background in International Business and Sustainability Consulting, she joined GhostNetWork to help spreading awareness and knowledge, and to support gathering an amazing community to multiply the efforts to protect the ocean and all the life within.


Research Officer
Renewable energy engineer in the making, Arthur grew up in Reunion Island where he became addicted to the ocean. Too many times he had to take trash out of the sea and decided to join GhostNetwork to finally implement durable solutions


Content Distribution Coordinator
Vero has grown up close to the ocean and witnessed the impact humans had on their environment. After studying business management, she has decided to use those skills to help raise awareness GNW's projects, especially on the social media front.