A Network to save the Ocean

Our Mission

GhostNetWork is a NGO dedicated to protecting and cleaning the oceans by removing ghost nets and discarded fishing gear from the sea. It also promotes collaboration among similar organizations and key players of the plastic recycling industry to foster a greater environmental impact.

Above all, GhostNetWork is eager to create a Community, to link actors and impact-oriented minds from different sectors thus enhancing the development of this circular economy

What is a Ghost Net? Why Ghost Nets propose such a huge threat?

There are shocking statistics concerning ghost nets and their implications on marine life. Up to 30% of all fish are caught in ghost nets. Roughly 10%, or 640,000 tons of all marine debris are caught in ghost nets. At present, and counting, there have been thousands of seabirds, 20,000 northern fur seals, and 500,000 octopi caught in ghost nets.
Caught fish die and, in turn, attract scavengers that will get caught in the same net, therefore creating a vicious circle and negatively impacting the marine ecosystem. Lost fishing gear, or so-called ‘ghost gear’ is among the greatest killers in our oceans, and not only because of their numbers.

What do we do?

Ghost NetWork will put containers in all fishing ports throughout Portugal, so fishermen can discard their broken and unnecessary fishing nets, the containers will be designed by local artists and give a cultural feeling to the port areas. We will also make many diving operations with local NGOs and dive centres. After being successfully collected, the debris will be sent to different startups and artists as raw material. By doing this we not only save marine life but also foster a circular economy.

What can be made from Ghost Nets?

It is our ambition to create a network of ocean-caring organizations, fostering circular economy and scaling the impact of each member organization.  

All the collected ghost nets will be passed onto our partners, who turn the waste into amazing products like sunglasses, backpacks and diving fins. The technology is rapidly developing and people come up with newer and cooler possibilities to reuse ocean plastics every day. Our goal is to help the flow of information and connect all stakeholders who can benefit from our waste. 

The Community Watch

If you spot ghost fishing gear around the coast of Portugal, please let us know right away! Send us the details of the threat through our Report Form