About Us

Our mission is to support global efforts to reduce the amount of abandoned, lost and discarded fishing gear (ALDFG) in the ocean by enhancing collaboration and knowledge exchange amongst stakeholders, supporting projects and raising awareness around the issue.

The NetWork is a growing networking platform for anyone with expertise or interest in understanding and finding solutions to ghost gear pollution. Our objective is to bring people together to connect skills, ideas and resources that could make a dramatic difference to the impact that fishing gear has on our marine ecosystem by facilitating a circular economy. Members can opt-in to share their profile, projects and expertise here.


Our NetBox project in the fishing town Setúbal, Portugal, will have an environmental and social impact by collaborating with fishing communities and authorities to collect and recycle discarded fishing gear, as well as create art that will inspire change.

Read about our projects here and head to the Learning Hub to learn all about ghost gear.